1YK — Galifar I and his five scions take control of the Five Nations and establish the kingdom of Galifar.

32YK — The Five nations take the names of Galifar’s Scions as their own. Thus Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane are named.

299YK — The holy warrior Tira Miron through a valiant sacrifice bound a demon lord deep within the Tamor Gap and transformed the demons dark flame into one of silvery light. And thus was born the Church of the Silver Flame.

811YK — First Lightning Rail connects Flamekeep and Fairhaven.

832YK — The inquisition to wipe out lycanthropes is launched by the Church of the Silver Flame. It lasts 50 years and drives the species almost to extinction.

894YK — King Jarot, the last ruler of Galifar dies. Thalin, Kaius and Wroann reject the claim of Mishann, who is backed by her brother Wrogar, and the Last War begins.

914YK — Thalin of Thrane dies and the Church of the Silver Flame takes control of the country of Thrane.

993YK — Jaela Daran assumes the power of the Keeper of the Silver Flame.

996YK — The Treaty of Thronehold is signed, bringing an end to the Last War.

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