Large Town, Population 4,500

Once the cold capital of Thrane, Daskaran now serves as the nation’s gateway to the North. The town is nestled in the rocky foothills of the Starpeaks and is probably best known for its white-needled coniferous trees and neatly cobbled streets.

In 696 YK, a terrible fire swept through the community, destroying nearly all its wooden buildings and leaving over half of its citizens without homes. With no time to rebuild before the winter, the homeless bundled up[ their few possessions and fled to Flamekeep. They never returned, and Daskaran’s population shrank greatly. A few of the original stone buildings remain though they seem weirdly out of place next to the newer stone-and-wood structures. Two prominent temples still remain, The Temple of the Silver Flame and the Temple of Dol Arrah. They ring the center of town where a statue of Tira Miron on horseback stands, her sword raised.

The priests who over see the two temples do not see eye to eye on many things but they are not rivals.


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